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Credit where credit is due:
The TOWER OF SONG was of course created by
Leonard Cohen in his eponymous song.
The idea to imagine it as an actual building
came from The Nits and their Alankomaat-Tour.
The picture on this website was composed from
several photos in the book 
Suomi(Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö,
Philosophy football quotes were supplied by Eddie
(Brentford FC) and Philosophy Football.
The »Rainfallagain« picture was painted by
Kurt Kranz(»View From Lyssaja«) and comes from a
burned bookcourtesy of Uncle Manfred
(who also gave us the picture of Andy Partridge):
Thanx Uncle Manfred!
Young Reporter by Hergé.
The Ballroom Of Romance was photographed by some
bloke from Ireland.
Other artworks by Mychael Gerstenberger.
Corrections and omissions: Mail us.
Inspiration as always: Barney Bubbles,
Robert Fripp,Helmut Lortz,Sam Malbuch,
Billy Wilder.
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